(The REAL) Episode 1

We’re still a little poppy on our “P” words. We promise to get windscreens/pop filters soon. Really.
Unfortunately, there’s a little room noise in this one, which isn’t an issue we had last time.
We’re working to get these issues worked out. Hang in there, we’ll fix it.
The sound card in the main computer is dying, so the quality isn’t as great this week, but we plan to have a new one in the machine by the next episode.
Oh, and forgive Jeff for his airy sound. He’s new to talking on the mic.
In this episode, we discuss:
THANK YOU for listening/spreading the word
MORE technical issues
The current playoff standings in the NFL
More Tom Brady (none of us are Pats fans… not sure why this keeps happening)
Jay Cutler
Killing people
Killing each other
Hottest female celebs. Singers, actresses, and under 18
Car revivals and cars in general
Mila Kunis
The New England mint
Zombies have silver in them?
2012 and the Mayans
Prison vs meat
Having tons of money… which ends up being a conversation about conquering the moon.
Chucky movies
Children of legendary athletes
The time Cris and I met a tranny
Video games
Jeff being a loser
Music used in this episode:
Intro: A Day To Remember – “Have Faith In Me” (Instrumental)
Break: How About No – “Drag Me Screaming”
yOya – “Fireworks” (edited for copyright purposes)
Outro: The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”

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