Episode 2: Sports and Video Games… and Sports

In this episode, it becomes VERY clear why our iTunes categories are sports, video games, and comedy… well, at least sports and video games.
This week’s show sounded WAY better (still a little noisy), and had WAY fewer technical issues. We’re still working on keeping room noise out of the recordings. We DID start recording before we started broadcasting, so the recorded show is about 2 minutes longer than the live version was. Other than that, we’re having fun, and we’re getting a little better each week. We really appreciate you listening.
In this episode, we discuss:
Football and the playoffs
Video games
“More fun than good” vs “More good than fun”
The upcoming 3DS launch
Games expected to be shown at GDC in March
Our most hated celebrities
Friends/Enemies of the show
More video games
Someone sent us a question!
The Universal Life Church
Regis Philbin’s retirement
Andy Griffith
David Carradine (Which Adam pronounced as “CarraDYNE” and was corrected to “CarraDEEN” off the air, by Jeff)
Baddest ass old dudes
Verizon’s iPhone launch vs their prior Android successes
Sandra Bullock
Music that sucks (honestly, it was just 3 Doors Down)
More sports
Our playoff and Super Bowl predictions
Our predictions for the champions of other sports
What should happen if the Jets win, and the Heat lose
Commercials for Bush’s Baked Beans
Dean Winters
The Sound The Alarm “Sportsman of the Year” award
Brooke Hogan
Our favorite game shows
Will Tiger Woods suffer from NOT being able to cheat?
Athletes and rape
Promotional items for the show (contact us with suggestions or opinions)
We really appreciate you all helping us spread the word about the show!
Music used in this episode:
Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters (Instrumental)
Terrible Things – Up At Night
A Day To Remember – This Is The House That Doubt Built
Jukebox The Ghost – Beautiful Life
Kanye West – Power

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