Episode 3: Covering Covers

In this episode, it becomes even more clear why we carry the “explicit” tag on iTunes and, to a lesser extent, the comedy tag.
This week’s show sounded EVEN BETTER than last week’s and had no technical issues of concequence. This week, Jeff is panned to the left, and Cris is panned to the right. It makes for a swell effect that makes the “room” seem bigger. Aside from that, we’re having TONS of fun, and we’re getting a little better each week. We really appreciate you guys sharing an hour or so of your week with us.
UNFORTUNATELY, about 5 minutes before I finished editing, a nice gentleman from our power company came by and shut off the power to the house, turned it back on, and THEN told me… So I lost a huge amount of edits. So, for this week’s show, you’ll get the full experience from the live show, complete with all the awkward pauses and stammering you could ever want. It’s probably got a few loudness issues and some background noise.
As always, the music played for the show is listed in the notes, but has been edited out of the final product for legal reasons.
In this episode, we discuss:
RAW, edgy (unprofessional) intro!… because we’re so punk rock!
More sports. AFC/NFC Championship games.
We STILL don’t like Jay Cutler
Football. It’s just BETTER than other sports.
Duke Nukem Forever
The guy in Chicago that lost his job over a Packers tie
More video games
Game Dev Story
Chinese food
What we’d do if we were homeless
Experiences with “The Forgotten”
Ted Williams (The homeless one)
Tom Brady (AGAIN!)
Career Websites
The best cover songs ever
Songs that are frequently covered
Tom Brady (Yeah, again)
Damien Louviere’s upcoming CD release
Jeff gives away our location! NOOOOO!
Favorite movies that SHOULDN’T be your favorites (with extra chair noise!)
Uncertainty on how to pronounce “Rovovo”
The Human Sexipede
Earliest experiences with porn
All-Time favorite video games
Most time consuming video games
Video games we played socially in our younger years
The best place to go when the zombie apocalypse starts
Jeff knows too much about zombies
Famous zombies
“Staged” zombie walks, and how they can go wrong
Jeff’s contract with the STAShow organization
We really appreciate you all helping us spread the word about the show!
Music used in this episode:
Dr. Dre (feat. Eminem) – Forgot About Dre (Instrumental)
Halifax – Straight Up
Deepfield – Don’t Let Go
Daughtry – Poker Face
Reel Big Fish – Take On Me
Lagwagon – Bad Moon Rising
Foo Fighters – Baker Street

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