Episode 4: Man Down!

In this episode…
Cris had a root canal the morning of the live show, and was unable to make it, so he attended by way of the chat room. Most of the day was pretty terrible for all of us, so the show was a little less organized and… happy-sounding. We got a little off track here and there, so some of the topics may need to be revisited in the future.
As always, the music played for the show is listed in the notes, but most of it has been edited out of the final product for legal reasons.
In this episode, we discuss:
The Upcoming Super Bowl
The Pro Bowl
Celebrities that are crazy
Celebrities that might be crazy
Tom. Fucking. Brady (How does it keep happening?)
Offensive Player of the Year
Best movies that should become video games
Best video games that should become movies
MLB The Show
Sony’s NGP
Again… Movies that work as games
Again… Games that could be movies
Reasons why the transition between movie/game is so tough
Man Code and strange public restroom experiences
Musicians we dislike
Our First phone call
Our new Foreign Correspondent
Ways to contact the show
We thought we were going to run long… but we didn’t
Facebook = SkyNet
The resistance
Jeff is fully capable of blowing his own foot off with a gun
Adam doesn’t give a shit about Groundhog Day
The Suck-o-Lantern
Zombie Week?
We really appreciate you all helping us spread the word about the show!
Music used in this episode:
NFL on Fox Theme (Remix)
Schooley Station – Helicopter
Rhythm Stitches – Deliverance
The Rescue Heroes – Boxers and Billboards

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