Episode 80: LBJ Earned BJs From SJ

In this episode…
Can you believe we’re already on our 80th episode? That’s nuts. This particular episode was a little heavy on the porno talk, and we apologize for that. We never plan for the show at all, and just play things off the cuff, and though we tend to be a little outrageous, we don’t try to be flat out offensive. So, if anyone was offended, we apologize, but you know it wasn’t intentional.
As always, thanks for listening!
This week, we talked about:
Loud headphones
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
The Madden 13 Demo
Papo and Yo
Sleeping Dogs vs Watchdogs
Lego Batman 2
Formula D
Sara Jay’s Miami Heat deal
and more…
Lowash – Those Aren’t My Pants (STAShow Theme) (www.soundcloud.com/lowash)
Andre 3000 – Dracula’s Wedding

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