RIP Robin Williams

This isn’t something I would normally post, but much like the death of Steve Jobs, I felt like I had something to say here. However, unlike the aforementioned Steve Jobs piece, I felt that writing my thoughts about the tragic and untimely passing of Robin Williams would prove to be too difficult a task. Keeping the punctuation straight and getting the appropriate tone and inflection across was something I could only do by actually speaking (and even still, I’m not sure I did what I intended).
Luckily for me, I’m fortunate enough to run a website on which we publish audio content pretty frequently, so getting my thoughts out there wasn’t hard, soul-baring and meandering as they may be.
If you don’t care to listen to this, I’ll sum it up for you right here in the notes. My message is important: Depression can be a serious issue, and that’s not a good thing. If you or someone you know needs help, please attempt to get it. There are plenty of helpful resources out there, and many of them are completely free. If you need to contact a suicide crisis line, you can find a list here.
And don’t worry, the comedy will be back soon. I just felt like this was important enough to get it out there however I could. You guys just happened to be here when I did it.

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