A Very Merry Thank You

I’d like to begin by mentioning a few really awesome additions that I forgot to bring up in my (completely unplanned) list of really great people I want to thank. I need to make sure I include Junespirit, TheMaskedGuy, Glenn Webber, Astragali, and the fine folks over on How It Stacks. I didn’t really plan on listing off people like that, but my brain goes where it goes, and I managed to leave some really fantastic people out of that section.
First, let me apologize for this episode. We weren’t able to record on our normal schedule due to the holidays and my work schedule. Second, let me apologize for the quality. I recorded this on my phone via a headset microphone. The quality isn’t terrible, but there are parts where I sound a little weird… like, worse than usual.
Also, if I sound a little unprepared, it’s because I was. I had a bit of an idea of what I wanted to say, but I just said whatever came out for several minutes.
And lastly, as I said in the actual recorded podcast, I want to sincerely thank each and every person who reads and/or listens to this for making 2014 a great year for our site. We’ve grown and changed, and none of it would be possible without readers, listeners, friends, and family out there to actually look at what we do.
This is very likely the last episode and/or post of 2014. We’ll see you ASAP in 2015!