Pensacon 2.0!

This might be the biggest episode of any podcast ever (at least on our network). In fact, Adam was apparently so excited that he couldn’t remember how to talk, as you’ll hear when he messes up at least one word pretty much every time he speaks.
We survived Black Friday, and got to talk to Manda Manning and Will Phillips from Pensacon, including getting some EXCLUSIVE info that hasn’t been announced anywhere else!
This week’s episode was brought to you by NatureBox. Want to have a snack without feeling guilty? They’re the place to go, and if you visit your first box is FREE!
This week we discussed:
Shadows of Mordor
The Long Dark
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Missed Connections
A recap of the PlayStation Experience event
Black Friday
New Releases
and more…
Keith Nichols – Chicago Stomp
RX Bandits – Who Would’ve Thought
Thanks again to Manda and Will for talking to us this week. For more information on Pensacon, check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and if you’re interested in attending, visit
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